Who we are


Eat&Drink Marche was set up with the aim of enhancing the publicity of the excellent food and wine industry of Marche Region. The aim of the project is to promote the products and craftsmanship of small and mediumsized enterprises, which is the prevailing entrepreneurial fabric of the Region, as well as the entire Italy.

Small producers have been recognised for years as bearers of quality and well-being on the table, while promoting the value of food as a moment of aggregation and conviviality



The Marche region, despite the lack of fame, is rich in natural resources. From the sea to the hills and the mountains, to boast ancient and glorious traditions that are part of the DNA of the Marche people, who have always been skilful cultivators and breeders. There is definitely much more to Marche than meets the eye.


The main goal is to create a B2B market for a range of high quality food and wine products from the Marche region, acting as a direct link between suppliers and players in the industry, specially in the Ho.Re.Ca. world. We are interested in several entities such as importers, wholesalers and e-commerce retailers.

We ensure that all information, to proceed with an informed purchase, will be provided with the utmost respect for both parties.

We aim to create strong partnerships, whether you are a supplier or a potential buyer

Immagine Ale
Eat & Drink Marche • Founder

Alessandro MAzzini

My name is Alessandro, I am 28 years old and I am originally from Ancona. In February 2021, I found myself faced with an opportunity that I decided to seize. It was a game that I played and succeed.  Nowadays, many of the funds for businesses come from calls for proposals that give access to European funding institutions, and thanks to the activation of one of these, called “Enterprise Creation“, I had a free hand to write what would later become the “Eat & Drink Marche” project.

With good intentions I started to answer the various points required to complete the application on how the business would run. Then, after days of dedicated work and a bit of luck, I found myself opening the platform that aims to host buyers, visitors and readers from all over the world